Microcement Walls

Recently, we’ve really been pushing the boundaries with microcement for walls.  Using advanced trowel movements often used in venetian plastering, we can create a wide range of exclusive patinas.  With a huge choice of textures, colours, metallics and finishes, there really is an endless combination of options available.

Just some of the options are listed below, but please get in touch with your ideas and requests and we’ll be happy to show you what we can do.

If it’s a good old industrial concrete wall you’re after, we can apply a lower cost concrete wall finish that is rich with texture and quick to apply.

Microcement can be installed straight onto almost any existing wall finish including plasterboards, plaster and painted walls.  Because it's only 3-4mm thick, it will follow the contours of the existing wall, so wherever possible, we ask that newly built walls have a quick skim with plaster in advance.

Want to know more?

Get in touch to discuss your project. 07487 247 388 | info@relentlessinteriors.com

How much does microcement cost?

It takes around 6 days to complete a Microcement job. It takes the same length of time whether the area is small or large.  So, we’ve introduced a number of price brackets to give you the best value for money that we can offer.  Please get in touch for an estimate.

All costs are subject to a site visit. Preparation of uneven or cracked surfaces, alterations to substrates will incur small additional costs.

Wall Textures


Topciment’s Microfino has a wonderfully fine finish which is perfect for achieving beautiful wall textures with a smooth to touch finish.

Relentless Textures

At Relentless Interiors, we’ve developed a range of unique textures that you can choose between to add depth to your interior or external space.

Relentlessly Blended™ is achieved as the layers of microcement blend to give a cloudy texture.  Because of the hand trowelled nature, no two blended floors are the same, each has it’s own unique movement that can never be replicated.

Relentlessly Smooth™ gives you a smooth, uniform look with gentle texturing.

Relentlessly Burnished™ is our raw industrial finish, with lots of texture and streaks of burnishing throughout.

Relentlessly Travertine™ replicates the texture of travertine stone, unlike tiles there’ll be no grout lines or joins to interrupt the line of sight.

Relentlessly Blended™

Relentlessly Burnished™

Relentlessly Travertine™

Relentlessly Smooth™

Microcement Wall Finishes

Choose between a Satin, Matt & Gloss Topsealer to achieve a differing level of reflection.  Or for to get the ultimate polished concrete look, we can even polish sealer up until its really gleaming.

Microcement Colour Options

Our microcement is available in over 40 different colours.  Take a look at our colour chart for the full range.