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Every single piece of Relentless™ furniture is entirely produced by hand in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

This means that no two Relentless™ tables will ever be the same, each has its own very special appearance that will never be replicated.

Unbelievably smooth concrete table tops are painstakingly achieved through hours of hand crafting. The tops are made from our own concrete render mix with a timber core rather than solid concrete. They’re lighter, warmer and more resilient than poured concrete yet have a very similar appearance.

Concrete table tops are combined with either raw industrial steel legs or aged air-dried oak, in a number of different styles, producing a timeless, original piece of industrial furniture.

Our steel fabricators having mastered their trade producing load bearing components for manufacturers across West Yorkshire, confidently surpass performance expectations.

Whilst our high-grade European oak is aged, air dried and selected in person by our joiners who expertly construct the framework.

The thick rendered concrete table top is effortlessly elevated millimetres above the steel or oak framework in a number of styles.

The table is meticulously sealed making them incredibly durable, waterproof and stain resistant.

Our concrete tables and benches are available in a wide range of colours to suit your colour scheme.

From dining tables to die for to cool concrete coffee tables, check out our stunning range of concrete furniture.

Choose between raw welded steel legs or air dried aged oak bases in a with a range of coloured concrete table tops. All our furniture is hand crafted in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

The range includes concrete dining tables, benches, side tables and consoles  tables. All our concrete furniture is suitable for use outdoors.