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£31.19 including VAT

Estimated Usage: 0.25ml per square metre.

Maintenance wax for floors.

Composite that provides hardness and natural brightness, as well as persistent.

Its special formula, allows the enrichment and penetration in the treated floors, especially indicated for microcement floors.

Add a small dose in water:

20-25 mL per every 7 litres of water (hand application with sponge, mop)

25-100 mL per every 10 litres of water (application with machine)

Apply one coat of CERACIMENT on the microcement surface already sealed, cured and completely clean, using any cleaner Ecoclean or Ecoclean PRO.

Keep in mind that the wax treatment is not permanent, it is necessary to repeat the process from time to time.

Important: before applying the wax treatment, wait at least two weeks after applying the varnish Topsealer WT One Coat.

Topciment Ceraciment Maintanance Wax 5l. Price inc. VAT