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Only available to approved installers of Topciment.

Suitable for use as a vapour barrier / capillary moisture barrier.

Apply 2 coats of impoxy with a short pile roller. Let first layer dry for 24 hours.

Estimated Usage: 0.25kg per square metre on non porous surfaces (tiles) and 1kg per square metre on porous surfaces (concrete).

Impoxy (A+B) is a two-component solvent-free epoxy system. Indicated to apply as a primer to block humidity by capillarity or as vapour barrier.

Applicable over damp concrete.

Applicable over tiles, to prevent the tracing of the joints on the microcement.

Applied with roller or trowel.

Easy to work with and low viscosity.

Excellent adhesion to surface.

Topciment Impoxy A+B 5l. Price inc. VAT