£61.63 excluding VAT

£73.95 including VAT

Only available to approved installers of Topciment.

Suitable for use on walls.

Estimated Usage: 0.5kg per square metre.

Microfino is a two-component microcement in powder for decorative coatings.

It has been formulated as a thin, seamless overlay to be installed onto walls.

Topciment microcement is applied in several layers with a trowel, allowing the creation of a wide range of finishes.

As part of an application system the surface should be prepared with Microbase and with products recommended by Topciment.

It is formulated of hydraulic binders, selected aggregates, synthetic resins and specific additives.

Microfino (component A in powder) needs to be mixed with  Acricem (component B liquid) according to the quantities specified in this technical sheet to guarantee its features.

Once mixed, the obtained product can create a coating of 1-3 mm thickness, with high mechanical strength and strong adhesion to any type of substrates: concrete, cement-based mortars, ceramics, MDF, plaster and plasterboard.

Continuous decorative coating without fissures always respect the expansion joints.

Applicable on countless surfaces: concrete, cement, ceramic, plasterboard, etc.

Excellent workability.

Wide range of colours.

Finishes: matt, satin and gloss.

High adhesion to substrates.

Topciment Microfino 20kg. Price inc. VAT