£61.63 excluding VAT

£73.95 including VAT


Only available to approved installers of Topciment.


Suitable for use on outdoor areas.


Estimated Usage: 0.5kg per square metre.


Microstone is a two-component continuous coating (A in powder + B Acricem resin) formulated of hydraulic binders, synthetic resins, specific additives and selected colorants.


As part of an application system the surface should be prepared with Microbase and with products recommended by Topciment.


Once mixed, the obtained product can create a thin coating, with high mechanical resistance and strong grip on any type of substrate: concrete, cement-based mortars, ceramic, MDF, plaster and drywall, as long as they are correctly prepared.


Continuous decorative coating without fissures always respect the expansion joints.


Applicable on countless surfaces: concrete, cement, ceramic, plasterboard, etc.


Excellent workability.


Wide range of colours.


Finishes: matt, satin and gloss.


High adhesion to substrates.


More mechanical strength and abrasion resistance than Microdeck.


Slip resistant properties without any additional anti-slip treatment.



Topciment Microstone 20kg. Price inc. VAT